Paul Gerdhem


Paul Gerdhem became specialist in Orthopaedics 2000. He defended his thesis titled “Risc factors for falls and fractures in elderly women” 2004 and became associate professor 2005.

He is the head of the section for spinal disorders at the department of reconstructive orthopaedics at the Karolinska University Hospital since 2017.

His clinical work concerns spinal disorders with a special interest in spinal deformities.

He is the principal investigator of a multicenter study concerning scoliosis and genetics and another on conservative treatment for scoliosis. He is a member of the steering committees of the national quality registers Swespine and the Swedish Fracture Register.

He is the former President of the Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons and the current President of the Nordic Spinal Deformities Society.

His research is focused on spinal disorders; genetic and biochemical studies of scoliosis, conservative treatment of scoliosis, and predictor and outcome studies in scoliosis and disc hernia.

Paul Gerdhem is involved in the supervision of undergraduate students at medical school and PhD-students. He was Director/Co-director of PhD-studies at CLINTEC 2008-2017.